DVD DuplicationVersatility & Volume


Digital Versatile Disc, the industry standard for DVD movies and large files. We've been making DVDs for over five years. A standard 5" DVD can hold 4.7 GBs of data or about 2 hours of a typical DVD quality Movie.

Also available are the 3" mini DVDs, which holds about 1.4 GBs of data, the Dual Layer or DVD-9 which holds about 8.9 GBs of material or the DVD10 holding approximately 9.8 GBs, and now BlueRay.






Like its CD counterpart, there is a huge selection of packaging options, from the simple to the exotic, to meet your particular need. All manufacturing is done in-house for fastest turn times and highest quality control.


Don't have a design? Let our award winning designers build a beautiful package and disc for you. And we guarantee our products 100% - nobody else in the disc industry does that.